PDO Reblochon

Weight approx. 450-600 g

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Reblochon was first produced in the Thônes and Arly valleys, in the Aravis massif. Thônes remains the centre of Reblochon production; the cheeses are still made in the local cooperatives. Until 1964 Reblochon was also produced in Italian areas of the Alps. Subsequently, the Italian cheese has been sold in declining quantities under such names as Rebruchon and Reblò alpino.
Reblochon derives from the word "reblocher" which when literally translated means "to pinch a cow's udder again". This refers to the practice of holding back some of the milk from the first milking. During the 14th century, the landowners would tax the mountain farmers according to the amount of milk their herds produced. The farmers would therefore not fully milk the cows until after the landowner had measured the yield. The milk that remains is much richer, and was traditionally used by the dairymaids to make their own cheese.

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Name/DesignationPDO Reblochon
RegionRhône-Alpes Haute Savoie
Cutting tips
500-600 g
TypeSoft washed-rind, smear-ripened
Production timeAll year
IngredientsUnpasteurized cows’ milk, salt, lactic starter, animal rennetips
AllergensMilk, lactic starter
Recommended wine