Demi-sel butter

125 g

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This butter is one of the last to be still produced with the wooden churn. The processing is done using the unpasteurized cream produced: the milk is skimmed and the cream is placed in vats where it is refined for 48 hours before being processed for about an hour using the traditional "baratte" (churn). Noirmoutier salt flower is used for salting and is widely used by great chefs in the kitchen.

The denomination "demi-sel" indicates salting between 0.5% and 3%.

Salted butter can be used both raw and in the kitchen in the preparation of savory and sweet dishes. In France, it is traditional to spread salted butter on bread to taste oysters, smoked salmon or some cheeses like Roquefort. The most famous recipe is certainly that of Salted Butter Caramel, invented in 1977 by Henri Le Roux, a Breton chocolate maker from Quiberon.

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Name/Designationdemi-salt butter
RegionPays de la Loire
125 g
Production timeAll year
IngredientsUnpasteurized cows’ milk, salt, lactic starter
Allergensmilk, lactic starter