A contre courant

A Contre Courant Saint Chinian red


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The producer

In 1996, Yves Falmet, originally from Champagne, acquired his vineyard in Languedoc. An extremely qualitative terroir in the Saint Chinian Appellation area.

The Domaine des TERRES FALMET was thus born following a thunderbolt for these magnificent hillsides which had been able to discover during his studies as an oenologist in the region.

In fact, no one had wanted these lands because of their relief, as the growing conditions there were harsh and perilous. The eastern part of the vineyard had already been abandoned, the rest would have inevitably followed.

A very difficult vineyard to cultivate for which he fought relentlessly to save it and create his own cuvées, the quality of which is now internationally recognized.

The wine

‘Contre Courant’ label is made from grapes from the oldest Carignan and Grenache plots in the vineyard.
But what makes this wine outstanding is its maturation under a veil of yeast for four years.

Wines matured under a veil of yeast are characterised by the spontaneous development of yeasts which form a veil on the surface of the wine in contact with the ambient air (during its barrel ageing phase).
This technique, which is uncommon for wine because of the risk of acetic souring when stored in containers with ullage, gives it specific aroma and flavour characters of fig, tobacco and candied cherry and a substantial finish on the palate.

Of the very few wines matured this way, Vin Jaune from Jura is particularly renowned, but there are no red wines.
By maturing a red wine using this technique, I am actually going counter to modern standardised winemaking, hence the name of the wine, which means "flying in the face" of established standards and the "tastefully correct".
This is a wine Yves have created for true wine enthusiasts, those who do not resign themselves to the standardisation of taste, to stereotyped and uniform wines, in short, to the prevailing trend for ultraconformism.

Yves Falmet
Terroir Saint-Chinian
Terroir Terres Falmet
Zone Languedoc Roussillon

Specifications (in progress...)

Nom du producteurDomaine Terres Falmet
DenominationA contre courant
Grape type
- Carignan 50%
- Grenache 50%
Alcohol13,5% Vol.
Bottle size75 cl
Serving temperatureServe at 18°
Drink by2032